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My name is Alberto De Flavis, and I have been passionately tattooing since 2008. Originally from Italy, I embarked on my tattooing journey with a deep love for the craft and a commitment to mastering the traditional and old-school styles. Over the years, I have honed my skills, developing a distinctive style characterized by solid lines, robust black ink, and earthy colors. These elements form the foundation of my artistic expression, making my work both distinctive and timeless.

In 2017, I made a significant move to Amsterdam, a city renowned for its rich artistic heritage and vibrant tattoo culture. This relocation marked a new chapter in my career, offering me the opportunity to immerse myself in a diverse and dynamic community of artists and clients. Amsterdam's eclectic atmosphere and artistic freedom provided the perfect backdrop for me to further develop my craft and expand my creative horizons.

In 2022, after years of honing my skills and building a loyal clientele, I realized a long-standing dream by opening the TrueLoveTattoo Collective Amsterdam. This tattoo collective is a testament to my dedication and vision for creating a collaborative space where artists can thrive and clients can receive exceptional tattoo experiences. The collective embodies my philosophy of community, artistry, and innovation, providing a platform for talented tattoo artists to work together and inspire each other.

My tattoos are renowned for their traditional and old-school aesthetics. My work features solid lines and black ink, coupled with earthy colors that give each piece a classic yet vibrant appearance. I am always eager to explore new subjects and themes in my tattoos, ensuring that my work remains fresh and engaging. This willingness to embrace new ideas and challenges reflects my commitment to continuous growth and artistic evolution.

Looking ahead, I aim to further establish TrueLoveTattoo Collective as a leading name in the tattoo industry. I plan to continue pushing the boundaries of traditional tattooing while nurturing a supportive and innovative environment for fellow artists. My dedication to my craft and my community ensures that my impact on the tattoo world will be long-lasting and profound.

In summary, my name is Alberto De Flavis, and I am a passionate and dedicated tattoo artist whose work and vision have significantly contributed to the tattoo culture in Amsterdam. My commitment to traditional techniques, combined with a modern approach to subjects and themes, sets me apart as a true artist in the field.

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